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Your Own Domain Name
When you signed up for a bigwebpages web site, a free domain name was created, (such as http://yoursite.bigwebpages.com). You can use this domain as long as you are a subscriber to our services, and you can submit the name to search engines.

If you want to register your own domain name, such as www.yoursite.com , we recommend registering your name with DomainDiscover.com They have a free URL forwarding service. For example, clicking on your registered site www.cat.com would automatically bring up the bigwebpages.com site that you built: www.cat.bigwebpages.com.

If you already have a domain name registered with another registrar you can use their URL forwarding services (sometimes called domain name forwarding).

When you register a domain name with a registrar, it is important to keep the logon information that they provide, such as a username and password, or ID number and password. Without the logon information you will not be able to administer your domain name and perform functions, such as URL forwarding your web site.

How to setup URL forwarding

When we set up your web site, your were given a domain such as: http://yoursite.bigwebpages.com

This is a shortcut name to your full domain: http://bigwebpages.com/members/yoursite

Although either name can be used, is is recommended to use the longer name, http://bigwebpages.com/members/yoursite/ when using URL frame forwarding.

It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for the URL forwarding to take effect while the changes are updated throughout the web.


When using your free name, you can use http://www.yoursite.bigwebpages.com
or http://yoursite.bigwebpages.com

Who Owns Your Domain Name

Your free domain name, http://yoursite.bigwebpages.com is owned by us, and is linked to our main domain name http://www.bigwebpages.com. Your free domain name cannot be transfered to another site.

If you register your own domain you will own that name as long as you pay the domain registrar a yearly registration fee. If you are currently using a domain name, don't assume that you own the name. If a web site developer set up a web site for you, and registered the domain name for you, the developer may have listed themselves as the owner of the name. Domain names are like deed to homes. If the developer registered the domain under his name, you may have no legal right to the name. Most web site developers would not do this with malace, but rather as a means to easily maintain your site, and insuring that someone would renew the name each year. In most cases you can ask the web developer who set up your domain name, to transfer the ownership to you.

To find out who owns your domain name Click Here
The Registrant is the owner on record for the domain name.

The Administration Contact will have control over the domain, and can set up URL forwarding and other services. This contact will also receive renewal notices from the registrar.

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