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Add Videos To Your Web Site
Every web site owner in the US and Canada should go to YouTube.com and sign up for a free account. YouTube lets you upload unlimited videos to their site. Potentially, thousands or even millions of viewers will have the opportunity to watch your video presentation. Within the presentation you can tell viewers how to reach your web site.

When you upload a video, YouTube will provide a simple HTML code that you can copy, and paste into your bigwebpages site. This will embed the video into your page and make it easy for anyone visiting your site to play the video.

Instructions to embed a YouTube video:

1. Logon to YouTube, click on "My Account" and click on the "My Uploaded Videos" link. Then select a video by clicking on the link.
2. Highlight the embedded html code, right click and choose "copy".
3. On Bigwebpages.com, choose " Edit Your Site" , logon, choose Edit Page, then select a page
4. Scroll to the lower text area, right click anywhere in the text area and choose "Paste".
5. Preview and save the page. You are done.

To add the video to the first text area ( with the enhanced tool bar ). Choose a location in the edit area where you want the video to play. Then, type in these words " Video Goes Here".

Next click on the "Source" Button on the toolbar. This will display the HTML code. Scroll down until you see the words; Video Goes Here. Highlight that text, right click, and choose 'Paste".

Finally click the "Source" button to switch back from HTML to text. Preview and save your page.

Sample of Embedded Video
Click on the above link to visit YouTube.com
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