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Shopping Cart Setup Information
You may add a shopping cart to your site at no additional cost. Our cart system is easy to setup and use, and is designed for selling up to 20 items at a time. A thumbnail image can be placed on each cart page, and a larger image of the item in a pop-up window.

The cart can be set up to accept Pay Pal or credit cards. If you are not using Pay Pal, you must have your own merchant account. Merchant accounts are provided by your bank or other private companies that permit you to accept credit card payments and have the money directly deposited into your bank or checking account. For face to face, in-store retail sales, the bank usually sells or leases an electronic credit card swipe terminal that verifies the card when it is swiped by the store clerk, and processes the sale in a matter of seconds.

If you are already doing retail sales, and have an electronic credit card terminal, you can choose the "Manual Prodessing" option when you set-up your shopping cart. You will recieve the sales information by e-mail and you can enter the sale manually into your electronic credit card processor. The credit card number will be encrypted in the email, and we profide a free decryption program on the cart setup page.

By far the best way to configure your shopping cart is to use the online processing option. is a gateway that acts like a virtual credit card terminal, that takes sales information from you shopping cart, and in a matter of seconds virtually swipes the card and transfers the money to your bank account. Your merchant account provider can add the option for a few dollars per month. Your merchant account provider will mail you an ID that you can type into the cart setup information that will interface your cart to the gateway. If you also make occasional face to face retail sales, you can log onto the site and use the online virtual terminal to process sales or credit returns.

If your state charges sales tax on sales, enter your state in the cart setup page. Sales tax will be added to sales made by buyers in your own state, out of state sales will not be changed a sales tax.

Our shopping cart is hosted on a secure SSL server.

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