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You can get answers to many of your questions and tips on getting started at our online Help Desk. Also, check out our Tutorial.

Domain Names:

During sign up you are asked to name your site. If you named your site "wilson", a domain name was created ; http://bigwebpages.com/members/wilson/. To give you a shorter, more professional looking domain name, a shorter domain name was also created, in this case : http://wilson.bigwebpages.com ( You can also use www.wilson.bigwebpages.com) Use either name that you prefer.

If you want to have your own domain name such as: www.wilson.com click here for details.

Search Engines:

There are many free search engine submission services on the net. To easily submit your site to 20 top search engines go to: Suberb submit.

When you submit your site use the full site name, and not the third level domain name shortcut.

Use; http://.bigwebpages.com/members/yourwebsite/ Not; http://www.yourwebsite.bigwebpages.com

(Search engines submissions is the only time that you need to use the full name. In all other cases it is best to use the shorter third level domain name, such as on advertising etc.)

It may take several weeks before a search engine picks up your site. Wait at least 60 days before re-submitting your site to a search engine.

NOTE: If you are using your own domain name click here for special instructions on frame forwarding your domain name.


Most search engines require special " Keywords" and a "Description" to capture your site. These are called META TAGS and you can easily add them using our site builder.

When you edit a page, go to "Options" at the bottom of the first page to the section where you can input Meta Tags.

When you type in the meta tags use a comma between the words, such as : real,estate,agent,land,homes,Maine,property, Up to 50 keywords will not be a problem with most search engines.

The description meta should be a short description of 25 words or less of your page such as : Miami real estate agent offering all types of properties such as homes, land, and commercial properties. Stay away from highly promotional descriptions such as ( We sell more homes in a day than most real estate agents sell in a year !!! )

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