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Adding Pages :

After your have edited and saved a page, a confirmation page will be displayed. There will be a button in the upper right side of the page that is labeled "If you would like to create another page using this template - Click Here". If you click on the button another page using the same template style will be created.

Page Links:

If you create additional pages , each page will have a unique filename, such as: index1.html, index2.html, index3.html etc. It is possible to set up links on your web pages that will link directly to other pages on your site.

For example, a fruit company may want to set up three new pages for Grapes (index1.html), Apples (index2.html), and Peaches (index3.html)

On the home page links could be set up as follows:

Link Description Link
Our Fresh Grapes index1.html
Macintosh Apples index2.html
Peaches index3.html
The "Apples" page may have links set up this way:
Link Description Link
Previous Page index1.html
Next Page index3.html
Yahoo http://www.yahoo.com
Add Photos :
In the image box next to the text area that says Image Name, you can click on the link that says " Click Here" to select an image from our image library." Browse over 4000 photos to use on you page. You can also click on the " Upload your image" link to upload your own photo from the hard drive on your computer. The image must be web ready, meaning it must be approx 200 to 400 pixels high and 200 to 400 pixels wide. Photos taken with digital cameras or scanned using a photo scanner are usually huge and too big for the internet. Use our free photo resizer to easily resize your photos for the web. The link to the Photo Resizer is on the navigation bar at www.Bigwebpages.com or go to www.Photosize.com

Photos will be placed in pre-determined locations on the page. Also, within the image box there is an additional link that says Images In Your Folder. When you click on that link, two options will appear: Click On Link To Use The Image will place the photo in the pre- detrermined page position. Images In Your Folder - Click To View will open a pop-up window with a preview of your image. You can drag that image directly into the text editing area. You can use the tables feature in the text editor to arrange your photos. It is also possible to link photos in the text area to other pages or other web sites.

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